Our Dietitian

    Emily Yeung RD, RCMP
    Registered Dietitian (Canada)
    Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Hong Kong)
    Senior Dietitian, Nutrilink Dietetics & TCM consultancy
    Consultant Dietitian, V-care Premier Medicare services limited

    Dietitian’s words

    People are continuously trying new ways to keep their health and avoid diseases. When scientists present new research results, media would spread them out. Sometimes, these results may be twisted for certain underlying purposes. When flooded by nutrition information from endless sources, some of them may even be inaccurately reported or boasted, confused consumers can easily be coaxed to adopt certain dietary mode blindly.


    Foods and drinks are important to provide nutrients to replenish, repair and rebuild the body. Yet they can also be damaging. Inappropriate diet can result in obesity, poor disease progression and compromised body defence to diseases. The body is a very complicated ‘machine’ that runs non-stop during life. Any improper decision in food choices and dietary habit may interrupt, damage or even be detrimental to its running. As eating and drinking are ongoing activities during life, only smart food choices and good dietary habit can ensure health.

    Dietetics consultancy services provide evidence based nutrition information with the following objectives:

    1. Disseminate nutrition information and recommendations for different age groups using disease examples. Readers will be able to acquire basic nutrition knowledge to learn about their nutritional status and needs. They can also take reference to nutrition recommendations to help prevent diseases through appropriate food choices and proper dietary habits.

    2. Provide simple methods for self-assessment so that readers can evaluate their own dietary habits and improve in areas which may have been previously neglected.

    3. Empower readers to pick out accurate dietary and nutrition information so that they can better collaborate with healthcare workers in managing their health and diseases.

    Welcome all nutrition related enquires and you may send to info@pms.com.hk , we will review and reply questions regularly.
    All information provided by Emily Yeung RD, RCMP (V-Care Consultant dietitian).