Thalassaemia Profile

    Thalassaemia is an inherited genetic blood disorder, caused by abnormal genetic which produce insufficient haemoglobin for body. Thalassaemia major will be premature death or regular blood transfusion and treatment in their whole life. Thalassaemia minor has no symptoms and do not need any treatment, but thalassaemia carrier may have a chance of giving birth to a baby with thalassaemia major baby.

    InvestigationPurposeTest ItemTHAIR3
    Blood Picture
    To check on Anemia, over or under amount of White Blood Cell, and other possibility of Blood Diseases.Complete Blood Count
    - P.C.V.
    - R.B.C.
    - M.C.V.
    - M.C.H.
    - M.C.H.C.
    - Platelets
    - W.B.C.
    - W.B.C. (Differential Count)
    Distinguish between mild and severe level on Thalassemia.Haemoglobin Pattern
    Investigate the amount of Iron.Iron
    Total Iron Binding Capacity, TIBC
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