Healthy Heart Assessment

    Function of Heart¹

    Movement of Heart enhances circulation of oxygen and nutrition to all body organs. It also remove carbon dioxide and waste from the body. The sickness and damage of heart will weaken the function of heart and organs.

    Symptoms of Heart Disease¹
    –    Angina pectoris
    –    Chest was a sense of oppression
    –    Pain can be extended to the neck, arms and jaws
    –    Arrhythmia
    –    Edema
    –    Shortness of breath, cold sweat
    –    Dizziness, fatigue
    –    Nausea

    The Most Overlooked Heart Disease²

    1. Ischemic heart disease – can be divided into angina and myocardial infarction:

    A. Angina refers to the myocardial cells in the ischemic state, coronary artery obstruction, not necessarily pain, but most patients will feel chest tightness, a sense of oppression, and breathing is not smooth, as long as a short break can be soothing.

    B. Myocardial infarction occurs when blood flow stops to a part of the heart causing damage to the heart muscle. Symptoms include chest pain, wheezing and night sweats, and arrhythmia phenomenon.

    2. Sudden Cardiac Death

    Suddenly happens and dead within 24 hours, all heart functions stop with no sense, no breathe and no blood circulation.

    Healthy Heart Assessment include 3 important test items about heart:

    Healthy Heart Cell

    Angina Screening, detection of mild cardiac dysfunction. For patients suffering from acute coronary syndrome and risk of congestive heart failure patient slayer.


    Elevated Homocysteine levels are an independent predictor for subsequent cardiovascular mortality or all-cause mortality, and the risks were more pronounced among elderly persons.

    Cholesterol and fat in blood

    Determination of Cholesterol and fat in the blood, may cause arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease with chronically high level.

    Lipoprotein (a)

    Lipoprotein (a) (or Lp(a) for short) is a large “sticky” lipoprotein particle which is made in the liver and found in the blood plasma, assembled from a cholesterol-rich LDL.³ High level of Lipoprotein (a) will lead to angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and brain haemorrhage.⁴

    Test Items
    Heart Assessment
    心肌鈣蛋白, 高敏感性(DNA引導)
    Ultra-Sensitive Cardiac Troponin T (DNA Guided)
    N端腦鈉前體, 高敏感性(DNA引導)
    NT-Pro BNP, ultra-sensitive ( DNA Guided)
    同型半胱胺酸 Homocysteine
    脂蛋白(a) Lipoprotein (a)
    總膽固醇Cholesterol, Total
    高密度膽固醇 Cholesterol, HDL
    Cholesterol, LDL (Direct)
    CholesterolTotal/ HDL Ratio
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