Prostate Cancer (PHI)

    Prostate cancer recorded the largest increase in incidence rate among the common male cancers in Hong Kong.

    Factors increasing the risk of prostate cancer:
    •    Age: prostate cancer happens mostly in older men and is rarely found in men below the age of 50
    •    Family history of prostate cancer
    •    Lack of exercise, Obesity

    Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
    Early prostate cancer may have no symptom, common symptoms of prostate cancer include:
    •    Difficulty in passing urine; slow or weak stream of urine
    •    Blood in urine
    •    Pain in the lower back, pelvis and hips

    New Prostate Health Index – phi

    •    The phi score provides better risk stratification to identify patients who need a biopsy
    •    tool to reduce negative biopsies and provide more confidence in your biopsy decisions²
    •    simple blood test for prostate cancer with FDA approval
    •    phi comprises a combination of three tests: PSA, free PSA and p2PSA³
    •    improve the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis
    •    reduce the risk of surgery of tissue removal from human body

    InvestigationTest ItemPlan Code
    Prostate Health IndexHybritech Total PSA
    Hybritech Free PSA
    Percent of Free PSA
    Hybritech p2PSA
    Prostate Health Index, phi
    List Price (HK$):3,900
    Membership Price (HK$):3,000
    Computerized (LIS) Laboratory Health Check Report with Interpretation (Chinese & English)
    Free Enquiry Services for the Health Check Report (by Phone)

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    3.phi is a combination of three Beckman Coulter assays: Access Hybritech PSA, Access Hybritech free PSA, and Access Hybritech p2PSA.