Pre-Marriage Plan

    InvestigationPurposeTest ItemMale (PMM2)Female (PMF2)
    General Physical ExaminationTo understand individual's status on Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index.Height & Weight
    Body Mass Index, BMI
    Blood Pressure & Pulse
    Blood Picture ScreeningTo check on Anemia, over or under amount of White Blood Cell, and other possibility of Blood Diseases.Complete Blood Count (14 Items)
    Rhesus factor can be divided into positive and negative factors. Vast majority of Chinese people have a positive Rh-D.  A fetus with Positive factor may suffer from Hemolytic Anemia or even death if its mother has a Negative factor due to the un-match of Rh-D.Blood Grouping & Rh Factor
    To prevent infecting the baby.  Infection will have negative influences on the baby's brain development and its health.Rubella Antibody, IgG
    Hepatitis ScreeningTo understand the status of hepatitis B infection.Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
    Sexually Transmitted DiseasesOne of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), infections that are transmitted through exchange of semen, blood, and other body fluids; or by direct contact with the affected body areas of people with STDs.VDRL/RPR
    Semen AnalysisTo understand the man's fertility, sperm mobility and sperm count.# Semen Analysis
    Renal Function ScreeningTo check on symptoms of Urethra and Renal Malfunction such as Urine Protein, Urine Glucose, Hematuria, Urethritis, Kidney Stone, Nephritis, Cystitis, etc.Urine Routine (20 Items)
    List Price (HK$):2,350 per pair
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    Computerized (LIS) Laboratory Health Check Report with Interpretation (Chinese & English)
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    TestList Price (HK$)Membership Price (HK$)
    HIV Antibody (HIU)1,080 per pair500 per pair
    Thalassemia Screening – Haemoglobin Pattern (ZHBP)480 per person360 per person
    Thalassemia/Iron Deficiency Screening Profile (THAIR3)1,390 per person580 per person
    -Haemoglobin Pattern
    -Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity
    Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (ZHBS)
    (To check for the immunity to Hepatitis B. Vaccination may be recommended, to prevent infection, depending on the test result.)
    250 per person145 per person
    Hepatitis A Antibody(ZHAG)
    (To check for the immunity to Hepatitis A. Vaccination may be recommended, to prevent infection, depending on the test result.)
    340 per person170per person

    # Collection of Semen Analysis
    –    Abstain from sexual activity for at least 2-3 days before specimen collection.
    –    Avoid alcoholic beverages for 24 hours before the collection.
    –    Semen must be collected by masturbation only. Semen collection in a condom or by coitus interruptus is not acceptable for evaluation.
    –    Collect as much of the specimen as possible into a clean, dry container, and bring it to the laboratory within 1 hour of discharge. Write name and time of discharge on the container.