Basic Ultrasound Screening Plan

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    The below basic ultrasound screening plan required 8 hours of fasting (only water is allowed).

    InvestigationTest ItemPULTS
    General Physical ExaminationHeight and Weight
    Blood Pressure and Pulse
    Body Mass Index ( BMI )
    Body Fat Analysis
    Whole Blood Picture ScreeningComplete Blood Picture
    Neuro Cardio Vascular ScreeningECG, Resting
    Renal Function ScreeningUrine Routine
    Liver Function ScreeningSGPT/ALT
    Cancer Marker ScreeningCancer Screening - CEA
    Ultrasound ScreeningUltrasound- Liver, Gall Bladder, Spleen, Pancreas & Kidneys(with Radiologist Report)
    Artery Health ScreeningArtery Health Analysis
    Bone Density ScreeningUltrasound Bone Density (Heel)
    List Price (HK$)4,620
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