Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox, called varicella-zoster. In fact, you can only get Shingles if you’ve had chickenpox. That’s because when chickenpox heals, the virus that caused it remains in your body. It lies dormant (asleep) in your nervous system, but can reactivate (awaken) at any time.

    Research shows:
    • 95% adults have “Shingles” risk;
    • 3 individual 1 person in life experience “Shingles”;
    • 50 years of significantly increased risk

    Once the “Shingles“will also have the opportunity to relapse. Weak immune system (such as diabetes or cancer), work pressure, lack of sleep or illness are also in a higher risk group.

    Pharma – Merck pharmaceutical companies of the United States
    For ages- Allabove age 50 (men and women)
    Not suitable for vaccinating persons–
    •Whose under“Shingles”
    •Whose  with anaphylactic shock reactions to Vaccine ingredients include gelatin (Gelatin) and niuao mold (Neomycin).
    •Whosehaving primary and secondary immune system problems, and taking drugs or on medications to suppress the immune system (such as high doses of cholesterol).
    •Whose suffering from tuberculosis, disease and untreated persons

    Side effects – common side effects include injection site may have mild redness and pain, headaches.


    Note–Below age 50, people infected with chicken pox also have the risk of “Shingles”, increased risk generally by age.
    – Above age 50’s Men and women can injectthis vaccine
    – Still can inject this vaccine even got “Shingles” before.
    – This vaccine is not used as a treatment of “Shingles”,is not suitable to inject this vaccineunder “Shingles”



    Data sources:Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.