COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test

    **Please note that once the payment process is completed through the online appointment system, no refunds and any information changes will be accepted, including the name of  participant, appointment date , check-up plan, prices etc. Before online payment, please make sure you have select correctly, thank you.

    V-Care now provide COVID-19 nucleic acid RT-PCR test to those in need. Sample are collected at-home, reliable and convenient.

    By appointment only.

    Please check the appointment confirmation email when you completed the appointment, if not received, please notify us immediately.

    We offer two packages:

    • Basic Package: Customer should follow the appointment time to pick-up package, submit sample and having the doctor consultation.
      -COST: HKD550
    • Expedited Service Package: It is almost same as the basic package, but the report will be available on same day before 18:00.  Customer must take the service at Causeway Bay Centre and arrive on time at 9:30.
      -COST: HKD900
      ***If the sample cannot be submitted to the center in time due to various reasons and the report cannot be sent out on the same day, V-Care will not make any refund.
      ***Expedited service is only available in Causeway Bay Center. If customer are required to arrive at Causeway Bay Center at 9:00 in advance due to the number of people, V-Care will notify the customer separately.

     Method to test:

    • Oropharyngeal Swab (Adult tool)
      *****If customer improperly taken samples which causing them for an additional set for resampling, HKD 500 will be charged accordingly.

    Test report sent out time:

    • For Basic Package, the test report will send to registered email address around 5 to 6 pm on the next day after the sample submission.
    • For Expedited Service test report will send to registered email address on the same day before 6pm.
      **Regarding the REPORT DATE shown on the test report, for the basic package its usually show at around 4:00-4:30 pm. For expedited service, REPORT DATE will show at around 3-5pm.
      **All date and timing show on the test report is subject to laboratory.
      **Due to limited service during Sunday or Public holiday, customer who submitted their sample before that day will receive their enquiry from customer service representatives on next working day.



    • Customer should follow the appointment time to pick-up package, submit sample and having the doctor consultation.
    • If customer choose doctor consultation by video call, customer can choose Whatsapp or Wechat software, we will call to customer initiatively. In consultation, you need to bring your own thermometer to measure your own temperature.
    • The information filled in at the form must be accurate, complete, and truthfully, and no omissions are allowed, otherwise the we has the right to reject the sample.
    • Please ensure all the information provided is correct. Any error or omission which lead to resampling,  will be charged additional HKD 500.
    • The report date is subject to the laboratory.
    • When picks up the package at the centre, you must show the appointment confirmation e-mail and the PAYPAL receipt.
    • The information filled in on the online booking system cannot be changed later. Please confirm that the information(including address, name, appointment dayetc.) filled in is correct before paid.

    * For enquiries, please call 2785-7011 or email to *

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    Terms & Conditions :
    All tests are not for the purpose of medical diagnosis or treatment.
    When client register for health check plan, client is consent to medical referral.
    If the condition of patients falls into Centre for Health Protection Guidelines, we will contact the patient immediately. Please note that we are also required to report to the Centre.
    The process may be adjusted at any time with the government health code policy.
    If the customer have the follow situation: fever, cough or proved inappropriate to undergo this test by professional, travelled out of Hong Kong within the last 14 days, in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, quarantined, V-Care reserves the right to refuse provide service and no refunds will be made.
    In case of disputes, the decision of Precision Health Care Service Ltd shall be final.