About Us

    V-Care was founded in 1994 and established – to promote health maintenance concepts to individuals, institutions, business and all sectors in the community. We have always been committed to providing quality and professional health care services. Over the years we have grown into one of the most comprehensive healthcare services providers in Hong Kong. V-Care is specialized in coordinating and integrating preventive healthcare services so as to uplift people’s healthy living standards.

    Back by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals including Radiologists, Radiographers, MLT, Registered Nurse etc., we have earned the recognition and reputation with a proven track record of consistently providing professional and superb services, including medical lab tests, imaging & vaccination. Our designate laboratory testing services is a fully computerised laboratory. All of these enable the accuracy and efficiency of reports.


    Our Services

    We believe quality maintenance is a continuous process. And that we have been offering professional health care services for years. We are committed to provide comprehensive health check scheme, and we believe our services will go beyond your expectations.

    The main aim of health check is early discovery of potential illness, allow promptly therapies, avoid long-term non-recovery hurts and save large proportion of medical expenditure. When deciding the health check plan and services provider, we should focus on the following main points:

    1.) The clinical meaning of the health check combination

    2.) The technical standard of the medical laboratory

    3.) The creditability of the laboratory testing results

    4.) Recognition of the reports

    It is crucial to ensure the technical standard of the laboratory and the creditability of the results when choosing the medical laboratory services. Therefore, V-Care has chosen PHC Medical Diagnostic Centre Ltd as our designate laboratory testing services provider.  It is back by a team of professional and experienced Chemists, Pathologists, Radiologists, and Laboratory Consultants. It is also a fully computerised laboratory. All of these enable the accuracy and efficiency of reports.