Ladies Excel Plan

    V-Care helps you prevent cervical cancer!

    InvestigationTest ItemPADVF5
    General Physical ExaminationHeight & Weight
    Body Mass Index, BMI
    Blood Pressure & Pulse
    Cervix Disease#Pap Smear - ThinPrep
    # HPV DNA (HPV)
    Renal Function
    Urine Routine (20 items)
    Urine Microalbumin
    List Price (HK$):1,390
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    Health Check Report with Interpretation (Chinese & English)
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    Points to be aware before having the Pap Smear / HPV DNA Test :

    • The above examinations are more suitable for women with sexual experience.
    • The examination should be performed 1-2 weeks before or after menstrual period.
    • No vaginal washing, sexual intercourse, using internal sanitary napkin or vaginal suppositories 24 hours before the examination.
    • This plan is not suitable for Intrauterine Device Users.
    • Intrauterine Device Users, please indicate when making an appointment.